Collection: Canfield Swim Club


Canfield Summer Swim Team 2024, Welcome to Endurance Aquatics! Thank you for choosing to shop with us. Below you will find your team suit options as well as some training equipment and gear. When purchasing your team suit, be sure to add the logo to the cart for all suits needing it.

Coach said he would like all swimmers to have fins and swimmers over the age of 8 to have hand paddles. 

ALL ORDERS must be submitted by 5/23 to ENSURE suits are available form the  first meet. 

If you can't make the team try on, please get my number from Jena to schedule a time to come in. 

When checking out, please be sure to select "pick up" as the delivery option. Also, you will recieve 20% off your purchase so be sure to get that code from a coach or board member.   We cannot do this discount once you submit your order. 

Katie Glatzer
Katie Glatzer